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About Us

We are called Toppkaffe as we work with the very best coffee. Farmers who give their trees enough room to thrive, who test new production methods to bring out the best from each variety of coffee. This produces coffee graded in the top 3% of coffee world wide on an international recognised quality system. It restores integrity to the supply chain and opens a world of flavour to those who are tired of  a charcoal tasting stack'em high, sell them cheap experience. So if you want more out of your coffee we hope you enjoy the coffees we supply, and join us on a continual journey of quality, taste and flavours.


We are a small family retailer, based in Sollentuna. What we love about this work is the relationships involved. Relationships like a Costa Rican farmer listening to the wild birds to know where on the farm are the coffee cherries ripe, roasters who work with them over the years, and who put investment in. The care and attention to detail to roast each batch, roasters who understand that things take time and who hand craft the coffee in your cup. We hope that we can provide you with great coffee, that is delivered with integrity and sustainability at its heart. 

If you would like to talk to us, especially if something goes wrong, but for any reason, please drop us an email at You can call or sms us at 0735177074

If you would like to contact us by regular post, please use Toppkaffe C/O Tulpanvägen 1, 19254, Sollentuna, Sweden