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Etiopian Heirloom

Etiopian Heirloom

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Karaktär:  Jasmin, blommig, nötig, lättsyrlig med inslag av kakao, fruktig med toner av mogna apelsiner. Lättmörk. Ekologiskt.

Altitude: 1800m-2200m
Harvest: December-Mars
Type: Arabica/ Heirloom
Process: Fully washed, dried on raised beds.


An example of some of the best Ethiopian coffee. Arabica beans of the Heirloom variety are grown in the Ethiopian highlands in the Gedeo region of Ethiopia by the Biloya co-operative. The area is very high with very little under 1500m, and it includes Africas 10th highest mountain Ras Dashen.

The Heirloom variety of bean, lightly roasted, provides a real festival of flavour. A nutty, flowery mixture with tones of jasmine and cocoa and even a hint of ripe oranges. 

A great choice for both those discovering special coffees, or those who are more experienced.

Coffee cooperatives have been permitted in Ethiopia since 2001. A UN sustainability report states that cooperatives in Ethiopia  have provided financial strength, improved quality, and allowed  investments in health and education to local communities.