Beställ fler paket från samma rosteri så sänker du fraktkostnaden och sparar på miljön.

March Discovery Box

For the March discovery box we have two great coffees from Drop Coffee Roasters, based just outside Stockholm in Rosersberg. Rosersberg is known for its castle, a lovely place to have a summer picnic and there is a great café in the castle if you don’t want to bring your own.

So to be upfront and honest, I am still discovering how coffee can taste, I am an amateur.  I know coffees have more tones and flavors than craft beer or fine wine, but how to get better at enjoying that experience.  I asked Felipe, from Drop Coffee, to help choose two coffees that would demonstrate how coffees can taste different. Nothing to whacky, just a simple demonstration.

He recommended Limoncello, a Nicaraguan coffee which Drop Coffee class as comfortable, meaning its’ taste profile is toffee, milk chocolate  and nutty. Most of us are familiar with this profile, which is why it’s a great comfortable coffee. Whilst familiar in profile, this coffee is very different from “vanligt kaffe” we might know from work. It is a single source coffee, and cared for from seed to cup, and you can definitely taste the handcrafted approach.

The second coffee to compare it with, is what Drop Coffee class as curious. It is called Hunkute. This organically certified coffee is from Ethiopia, and what better place to start discovering new tastes than the home of coffee. It has a lighter, more delicate feel, almost tea like. It also enhances the citrus  flavors found in coffee, especially lemon. A fantastic way to expand your horizons. 

So my recommendation is to invite a friend to join you, brew a couple of cups each and taste them side by side. Enjoy the comparison. Also, remember to taste as the coffee cools, new flavors can appear. This makes me smile, as it is still a surprise for me that coffee can do that, or rather my sense of taste and smell can.

One thing to mention is that farmers of Hunkute Cooperative are paid daily during the harvest, which is an unusual practice. This puts money quickly into the pockets of farmers and the local economy. A second payment is then made depending of final selling price, and these quality beans do command higher prices.

 I hope you enjoy these coffees, and please let us know here at Toppkaffe about your experience. You can reach us at and on social media.