Beställ fler paket från samma rosteri så sänker du fraktkostnaden och sparar på miljön.

How one Swedish coffee roaster is making real social impact.


On a trip to the family plantation in Guinea, where some of the coffee beans roasted back in Sweden are grown, Ida and Ousmane from I’m Coffee (Halmstad), visited the local Sannou School. They were met with songs and a lot of playful brightly dressed children attending the school. 

They noticed noticed that some of the buildings were closed off, and asked why. The headmaster informed her that they were in need of repair and too dangerous to use. I think we can all recognise and sympathise with the headmasters situation, lots of demands, and resources short.

Ida and Ousmane didn’t ponder too long about the ins and outs of school funding but instead thought about how they could help. Raising funds in Sweden from their own business and generous customers, they started a project to help build safer classrooms. 

On the next return trip to the plantation,  the project was officially launched. Girls and boys, teachers, parents, village elders and local civil servants came to help kick off the project. Every kronner raised goes into the project to pay local builders using local materials. Ida and Ousmane return frequently to Guinea, as part of their coffee business. They always take some extra time to manage the next stage of building.


This project is really making a difference for the community's children. Education is so important in so many ways. It is the start point for social, environmental, economic and health improvements. We at Toppkaffe love this project, what better way for YOU, the Swedish coffee drinker, to be tied to a community that makes it possible. It’s very direct, low overhead with a big impact. 

If you would like to try one of I’m Coffees Single Roasts or a premium blend, there is a great selection, all of which makes great delicious coffee to savour. Many are EKO certified and Fairtrade. As you sit in the spring sunshine you can take extra pleasure from knowing that far away you are helping a child's education.